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    Sims 4 Conflict detector mod

    The Sims 4 Mod conflict detector is a GUI tool that automatically detects all the installed mods on your PC and navigates those that are conflicting with the game features. There are a lot of Sims 4 mods that use the game script files and make some upgrades or tweaks.

    When you install a lot of mods on your PC, it is a possible chance that one or more mod files are using the same script files. The word ‘mod conflict’ comes in the part here and as a result of this, your game will misbehave or crash at a certain point. The Sims 4 Mod detector feature automatically navigates the mods that are using the same script files.

    Using this way, you can delete the mods that you don’t want to use or temporarily disable them.


    Sims 4 Mod Checker Features

    • Looks for Mods that use similar script files
    • Lists all the core overwritten mods
    • Find similar DLL files in 2 or more mods
    • Identify corrupt mod files
    • Temporarily disable or delete conflict mod files
    • List all the mod files in order


    Sims 4 Mod Conflict Detector Download

    Download the latest version of the mod file from the provided link below.

    How to Install ts4 mod conflict detector?

    • Download the mod file on your PC
    • Extract the mod file
    • Copy the content of the Mod file into the Game Mod folder
    • Install the application on your PC


    How to use Sims 4 Mod Conflict Detector?

    Once the application is download and installed on your PC. Just open the .exe application file found on the sims mod conflict detector folder. In the application, all the current mods installed on your PC are categories by Filename, Mod Type, Conflicts, and File Size.

    There are different color schemes on each mod type available on the left side of your screen. For example, the Blue color will indicate the mods that are duplicate, the red color will indicate broken mods, etc. You can manually check all the conflict or broken mods on the application window. If there’s a mod that you find conflicts on your PC, you can click on it to select the option ‘Disable’ or ‘Delete’.


    TS4 Mod conflict detector Tips

    • Delete the Mod that shows 0 file size
    • Make a folder of each mod type
    • Delete Mods that are duplicate
    • Disable mods that are not important


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