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    The Sims 4 Mod organizer is a very handful tool that allows you to merge all your CC folder in categories, sections, and folders. It basically organizes all your sims 4 custom content, mods, or any additional file in a more orderly way.

    If you’re a hardcore user of sims 4 mods than you can relate with us that it becomes a mess if you don’t organize your mods. It leads to conflict in most cases. You can use the sims 4 cc organizer as your daily drive to manage all the mess in your PC.


    The application allows you to create new libraries and make new categories based on the mods you’ve installed. You can create mod libraries like hair, appearance, shorts, clothes, or any other Custom creation that you normally use in the game.

    The application automatically detects all the available cc on your pc, and adjust them on a separate folder. Sometimes the mod organizer doesn’t specify what the mod is about. For this, you can use the manual option to drag and drop the mod files into libraries.


    TS4 Mod Manager Download


    Sims 4 Mod Manager


    Sims 4 Mod Organizer features

    • User-friendly interface
    • Switch between multiple libraries
    • Auto-detect CC and mods
    • Create, delete and rename libraries
    • Multiple view styles
    • Drag and Drop file manager
    • Option to manually upload mods

    How to Use Sims 4 Mod Manager

    Download the application from the provided link. Upon starting the application, a file named ‘TS4Libraries’ will be automatically created on your documents folders.

    Any subfolder will be treated as a library within the main folder. The mod will automatically create all the relevant libraries. If you want a manual transmission, then click on the ‘<‘ sign in the application. The sign unloads the selected files from the game. To again load them, click the ‘>’ sign.

    The ‘Mod Libraries’ option allows you to load, create, rename, open, refresh, and delete the library. Create new libraries like hair, clothes, and appearance custom creation.


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