Sims 4 Body Mods | Better Body, Muscle Mod | Body Sliders & Presets

The Sims franchise has seen a remarkable upgrade in terms of gameplay mechanics. The developers are providing weekly updates to make the game more realistic. And so far, they have done an incredible job.

Although the game doesn’t provide a lot of gameplay(in terms of stories), it is the realism that keeps the fans hyped up. The game provides you the freedom to fully express yourself as you have dreamed of. From hair to the body of the sims, everything is customizable. In this post, we have shared a complete guide on the sims 4 body mods. Use these mods to create a better body for your sim character.

Sims 4 Better Body Mod

The sims 4 better body mod allows you to customize your sims body in realtime, using sliders. Although the game provides a powerful CAS option, yet somebody parts require our attention. To use this mod, just download the file on your PC and copy the content to the game Mods folder.


Sims 4 Height Slider Mod

When you think of the sims 4 slider mod, the first topic that comes in our mind is the height slider. This mod allows you to easily adjust your sim height as per you like. To use this mod, just select your sim, go to the CAS menu. Now click or drag on your sims feet to adjust the height.

Download Sims 4 Height Slider Mod


Sims 4 Muscle Mod

The mod allows you to customize your Sims pecs and obliques. There are three types of replacement in the mod; moderate, medium and large. By default, it is set to moderate(changes as per your diet). Using this mod, you can easily make your sims a muscular person.

Download Sims 4 Muscle Mod


Sims 4 Better Body Mod

This is an adult sims 4 mod that provides a realistic look for both male and female sims body. For females, you will get a natural upper body, standalone nude, and compatible body textures. Male sims will get rigged lower part of their body, fewer polygons, and an option to choose different tattoo overlays. This is one of the best sims 4 custom sliders to get realism in the game.

Download Sims 4 Better Body Mod


Sims 4 Face Slider

If you think the current CAS slider is not enough to make your sim unique, download this face slider now. This mod comes with a new feature called “Finger Thickness Slider” that change your sims appearance as a whole. This is an all in one package for Finger, facial, Ear, Hand and Asymmetry Slider.

Download Sims 4 Face Slider


Sims 4 Body Hair Mod

This mod adds a custom body hair texture that covers your full sim body. It includes your male and female sims arms, pits, legs, chest, butt, pubes, and back. There are 3 variations available in the each of which have 5 custom meshes. You can choose the straight/wavy, medium or the curly extra light body hair. All of these variations are available in 5 color choices. Once download, go to the tattoo section to enable this feature.

Download Sims 4 Body Hair Mod


Sims 4 Butt Slider

Why go to the gym and do extensive workout when you can download this mod and change your sim butt every day. This is a custom sims 4 slider mod that change the height and shape of your sims derrieres. The mod works on all genders and sizes and comes with 2 versions:

cmar_EnhancedButtSliders: only adjust height

cmar_EnhacedButtSlidersV2: adjust height and shape

Download Sims 4 Butt Slider


Sims 4 Head Size Slider

If you want something funny in your game, use this mod. The face slider mod changes your sim’s face to a whole new level. Make your sim face taller than their body or replace your sims 4 with something that adores you.

Download Sims 4 Head Size Slider


Sims 4 Nose Width Slider

The nose plays an important role in our facial expression. Although sims 4 provide a great way to customize the nose of your sim character, sometimes it doesn’t narrow too much. The nose slider mod allows you to tweak around with your nose in the base game. This mod will surely improve your sim overall facial appearance.

Download Sims 4 Nose Width Slider


Sims 4 Breast Slider

As the name suggests, download this mod if you like bigger things in your life. This mod will make the thing bigger around you.

Download Sims 4 Breast Slider