Sims 4 Road to Fame Mod Download | Sacrificial Road to Fame | Celebrity Mod

    sims 4 Road to fame mod

    The sims 4 road to fame mod allows your sim to live the life of a famous celebrity. Now you don’t have to buy other game packs to live in the spotlight. The mod offers tons of exciting features that you can use to make your sim the star of the world. Once your sim reaches the highest level of fame, they will be surrounded by other NPCs as theirs.

    The mod also offers new buffs, interaction, and plenty of other ways to earn from show business. In addition to this, you will get a new social media app called “Simstagram” in which you can post your daily lifestyle.


    Sims 4 Sacrificial Road to Fame Download


    The download and installation procedure for the mod is similar to other sims 4 mods. Copy the content of the mod folder into the directory My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Once done, make sure that the “scripts mod” option is enabled in the game settings.


    How to become Famous with the Road to Fame Mod?

    To become famous in the game, you have to first improve your all the celebrity buffs and interactions that come with the mod. First of all, make an account on Simstagram. It’s like the Instagram app where you can upload photos, videos, and short stories. Adding new selfies and photos will allow your sim to gain new interaction and buffs. This in return will provide you more likes in the simtagram app.

    A simple tip is to capture your selfies in a different outfit. Once your Simstagram account hit the 100k followers figure, different media group and television companies will contact you. You can work on these companies as a job, and earn a decent amount on your household. There are a lot of other things that you can find in this mod.


    Sims 4 Celebrity Mod

    The mod will turn your sim or other NPCs into a celebrity. It changes the appearance of your sim to famous celebrities and offers attractive outfits worn by the person. Choose your favorite celebrity mod from the list below.

    Sims 4 Adam Lambert Celebrity Mod

    Sims 4 Robert Williamson Celebrity Mod

    Sims 4 Britney Spears Celebrity Mod

    Sims 4 Lady Gaga Celebrity Mod

    Sims 4 Kendall Jenner Celebrity Mod

    Sims 4 Taylor Swift Celebrity Mod

    Sims 4 Taylor Swift Clothes Mod

    Sims 4 Katy Perry Celebrity Mod

    Sims 4 Lucille Ball Celebrity Mod

    Sims 4 Dove Cameron Celebrity Mod


    Sims 4 Get Famous Mod

    The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion pack offers tons of new gameplay mechanics, interactions, career levels, and traits. Here we’ve provided some of the best sims 4 famous mods that are compatible with the Expansion pack. You can use these mods to add a fun experience in your gameplay.


    Reality Show Event

    This is a unique sims 4 mod that allows you to become an internet celebrity on a talk show. The shows will be live on TV, granting you fame, money, and followers on your social account. You can also host your own show in the house, just buy the relevant items from the built mode and place them into the world.


    Faster Recording

    If you’re in the showcase business than you can relate with us that keeping in touch with your followers is a difficult task. Especially if you’re managing a production social media page, the recording session will take a lot of time.

    The mod offers a new video station in the game, that allows you to better record and edit your videos. Everything is doubled in speed, and you won’t have to wait for days to complete your task.


    Hair Stylist Mod

    The mod offers a new beauty parlor in the game, that prior focus is to change your sims appearance in the showcase world. In the lot, your sim will sit on a chair and other NPCs will change your hairstyle or apply makeup. You can also learn the hairstyle techniques and host future clients.


    Fame Perks for Free

    This is one of the best mod you can download with Get Famous expansion pack. The mod allows you to get free fame perks costing zero points each. Now you don’t have to complete tasks or do any sort of interaction, everything is under one platform.