Download Sims 4 Tattoo Mods Full Body, Face, Dragon Tattoo Pack & CC

Like any other custom content, the sims 4 allows you access to use in-game tattoos. In the CAS menu, there are tons of Tattoo variations available for all ages and genders. You can also use the sims 4 tattoo mod to get something that you like.

Below we’ve mentioned some of the best Sims 4 CC tattoos that you can easily install in your game.

How to use The Sims 4 Tattoos?

  • Select your favorite sims 4 tattoo mod
  • Download the mod file on your PC
  • Extract the mod file
  • Copy the content to the game Mod folder
  • Default directory: My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods
  • Open the game and enable script Mod option under settings bar


Sims 4 Face Tattoo

A collection of facial tattoo for your male and female sims character. Some of the CC files are customizable, meaning you can change the text or image on a face tattoo. Go to the CAS menu under the body option to access this mod.


Sims 4 Oblivion Face Tattoo


Sims 4 Flower Face Tattoo


Sims 4 Seraphic Face Tattoo


Sims 4 Hunter Face Tattoo


Sims 4 Doll Face Paint


Sims 4 Heart on Face


Sims 4 Custom Face Tattoo (8 Swatches)


Sims 4 Joker Face Tattoo


Sims 4 Tattoo Pack

A full body collection of tattoo pack for male and female sims. Each file contains 8+ swatches and color combinations for all genders and ages.


Sims 4 Mixed Design Tattoo Pack

The file contains 10 custom design tattoo for female sims. The tattoo pack doesn’t conflict with other mods and works perfectly on all expansion packs. Use this mod on your female sim arms or legs.


Sims 4 Shazzarr’s Mixed Tattoo Pack

A collection of 10+ hand-drawn tattoo for female sims. You can access this mod in the game CAS panel.


Sims 4 Butterfly Kiss Tattoo Pack

The file contains 9 tattoos with custom mesh and thumbnails. You can use this mod on your female sims for all ages.


Sims 4 Chest Tattoo

This is a separate section for only chest tattoos for male and female sims. Download your favorite mod file, install it and enjoy custom hand-drawn textures.


Sims 4 Batman Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Birds and Butterfly Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Music Buttons Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Octopus Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Maotelus Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Stars Wars Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Metallic Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Butterfly Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Bat Chest Tattoo


Sims 4 Full Body Tattoo

If you want to bring the tattoo fun to a whole new level, download the full-body tattoo pack. Each file contains a collection of custom meshes for your sims arms, legs, chest, face, neck and hand tattoos.


Sims 4 Galaxy Full Body Tattoo


Sims 4 Tribal Island Tattoo


Sims 4 Japanese Full Body Tattoo


Sims 4 Infinity Tattoo Pack (13 design)


Sims 4 Tattoo Sleeves

A full sleeve tattoo is perfect for those players that want the full design on their arms. If you’re not sure what tattoo design is best for you, check out our collection for sims male and female characters. Choose the half or full-arm design as per your likes.


Sims 4 Color Full Sleeve Tattoo


Sims 4 Dragon Sleeve Tattoo


Sims 4 Doctor Who Sleeve Tattoo


Sims 4 Artistic Full Sleeve Tattoo


Sims 4 Skull Sleeve Tattoo


Sims 4 Alice in Wonderland Sleeve Tattoo


Sims 4 Arm Tattoos

If you’re looking to get more ink on your arm, this section is best for you. Below we’ve provided some of the best arm tattoos in the sims 4 that will surely impress you.

Sims 4 Arrow Arm Tattoo for Women


Sims 4 Nicki Minhaj Chinese Tattoo


Sims 4 Arm Tattoo Pack (Women)


Sims 4 Jason Momoa Arm Tattoo


Sims 4 Flaming Arm Tattoo


Sims 4 Leg Tattoo

Legs are a perfect location for a tattoo because this is the most visible part of your body. Depending on the dress or the season, you will always shine will attractive ink on their legs. Explore through the collection of the most downloaded sims 4 leg tattoo.

Sims 4 Lizard Leg Tattoo


Sims 4 SoulEvans Leg Tattoo


Sims 4 IMF Leg Tattoo


Sims 4 Fox Leg Tattoo


Sims 4 Pantera Leg Tattoo


Sims 4 Neck Tattoo

Want something badass for your character? Check out this latest collection of the sims 4 neck tattoo. We have a variety of tattoo collections for all gender and ages. Custom thumbnail, meshes, and different textures are available in the package.

Sims 4 Barbed Wire Neck Tattoo


Sims 4 Lotus Flower Neck Tattoo


Sims 4 Neck Cross (Male)


Sims 4 Lotus Tattoo (Female)


Sims 4 Dragon Neck Tattoo


Sims 4 Hand Tattoo

Looking for a sims 4 hand tattoo design for your next inking project? Below we’ve provided some of the most liked and downloaded hand tattoo for both male and female sims. Despite having a relatively small area, these tattoo variations will surely surprise you.

Sims 4 Skeleton Hand Tattoo


Sims 4 Metallic Hand Tattoo


Sims 4 Finger Tattoo


Sims 4 Rose Tattoo


Sims 4 Star Tattoo


Sims 4 Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are one of the mysterious creatures in the world. When it comes to the sims 4 dragon tattoos, there are near endless possibilities and creative ideas that you can use. There is a dragon tattoo for all your body parts.

Sims 4 Lion and Dragon Tattoo


Sims 4 Red Dragon Tattoo


Sims 4 Upper Arm Dragon Tattoo


Sims 4 Dragon Tattoo Set (19 design)


Sims 4 Dragon Tattoo (Front Side Female)


Sims 4 Dragon Belly Tattoo